Moe Meghoufi Valley Tree Services In Chandler ArizonaValley Tree Services is owned and operated by Moe. The business began in 2009 as a family owned and operated business. Today the Valley Tree Services offers a variety of services to those in Chandler Arizona including tree removal, trimming and firewood, as well as landscaping and irrigation installation.

With a vast knowledge of trees in the Chandler area, Valley Tree Services has quickly become one of the top tree companies in the area.

The company began as one of the top firewood delivery businesses in the area before expanding into the removal and trimming of trees. This allowed the company to increase their supply of firewood which tends to get sold out by early fall of each year.By recycling trees into firewood, Valley Tree Services helps heat homes through the winter.

As owner and operator Moe has been the face of the business and with over 7 years of experience, his customers trust his knowledge and expert advice. The company currently employs 6 other experienced tree experts who know what it takes to safely cut down trees, trim trees as well as fixing or installing new irrigation systems.

Valley Tree Service can also offer irrigation installation as well as repairs. Be sure to give Moe a call with any questions you may have – (480) 360-6066