Firewood For Sale In Chandler AZ

At Valley Tree Services we offer a wide variety of firewood for sale. We have seasoned firewood that is already dried out and split, ready for you to burn. Our business offers some of the best firewood in the area as well as we can deliver the firewood directly to your door. Do you need other firewood services such as stacking? We offer that too!

Some of the types of firewood we offer include Eucalyptus, Pine, Shaggy Juniper, Mesquite as well as mixed packages. Whether you need a cord or less of firewood, we can cater to your needs. Each type of firewood has its unique uses which we will explain below.

We Offer Firewood Delivery or You Can Come Pick It Up – You Must Call For Firewood Pickup Services.

What Can Our Firewood Be Used For?

Our mixed firewood is our best seller which includes mesquite, pecan, oak and eucalyptus. All of our wood comes from around Arizona. Our mixed firewood package is great for those who need wood to burn in a fire pit or fire place. Since its ‘hardwood’ it is more difficult to get started but when it’s on fire it will burn for many hours.

  • Mesquite
  • Shaggy Bark Juniper
  • Eucalyptus
  • Pine

How Much Is Our Firewood?

The cost of our firewood depends on the type of wood you choose. Give us a call for our firewood prices. Our firewood lot is located in Chandler but we deliver firewood to Phoenix as well.

Contact us for any questions or to place your order – (480) 360-6066